Bluegrass Funny Farm

Fun Around the Farm

Annie and Pecan

Pretty blue eyed girls gotta stick together!!!



Annie's a little diva!


Crystal and her 2014 babies

Crystal is such a good mommy.


Angel and Hoata


Angel and Hoata chillin, and wondering if I brought more food!!!


Jack in the bed


Is that a goat... in a the bed?  Why yes it is!!  My sweet baby Jack.



Little Girl


My pink camo wearing cutie, Little Girl.  She's a mommy's girl.




My biggin', Philippe.


Angel and her boys

Sweet Angel with her boys from 2014.



Dart n me

My love, Dartagnon... and yes we are both UK fans!!  C A T S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!!



MoMo in diapers


More cuteness in diapers and a onsie!!!





My Miracle Child.  Rescue Mare from Shadow Rose Farm!!!





Princess, one of our spoiled rotten cats!!



The boys of 2014


Stoney and Rocky being cute!!



Fun on Mom

Poor Crystal.  She's more fun than the blocks!!!



Nap time


Nap time!!





Luna as a puppy. Not too long ago!!





She spent 15 minutes trying to fit in this feeder!! Persistence did not pay off for her.



Walking my goat.


Whatcha doing?  Oh nothing, just walking my goat!!