Bluegrass Funny Farm

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This is Bs Barn That's a Fact Jack.  He's our big ole baby.  Really, we bottle fed him, and he lived in the house all winter.  He LOVES people, and is the most friendly goat ever.  He is blue and white, and is breeding our doe Hoata now, for Spring babies.


MGR #C1330




This is B's Barn Rock Hard.  He is one of Sweet Angels twins from fall 2014. Pretty blue eyes, with a very friendly personality.

For sale



Goat Hill Farm Guinness

This is Goat Hill Farm Guinness.  We bought him in June, and he is perfect!!  A great fit for our herd, and we will be showing him next year.  His father is a grand champion, and hoping Guinness follows in his footsteps.


This is WP Anakin.  He is a big boy wiith lots of potential.  He will be shown in 2017.


This is WCA Adonis.  Great lines, with great conformation, and a beautiful flower pattern.  He will be shown in 2017 as well.


This is Bluegrass Funny Farm Silas.  He is twin to Darlene, and he thinks he's a house goat.  Son of Lolita and Jack.

For sale


 Bluegrass Funny Farm Twilight

This is Bluegrass Funny Farm Twilight.  He is Hoata and Jack's son, and Eclipse's twin.  He is a wether, and loves people.



 This is WP Slash.  He is a super sweet baby with lots of personality.  He is a wether, and will be shown in 2017.